Train Your Mind

As a coach, I am often working uniquely with each person to drive them forward in their career. I teach them how to make courageous career decisions. Personal success is not a one size fits all approach. It is defined by your design, what this means to you and where you wish to go. You can choose the adventure that you go on to reach your end destination, and I believe there are a number of factors and strategies to have up your sleeve to keep working on yourself, everyday.

We often get so busy with work, life and everything else in between that we may neglect spending time on ourselves. In the corporate world, our personal development can usually get left behind if we aren’t actively making it a priority. Working in the people development space, I made my development a priority. How was I meant to coach and train others to excel in their work, when I wasn’t working on myself to develop my potential?

80% of success in business in mindset, and 20% is strategy. What steps do you take to improve your mindset? Here are some of my favourite strategies-

1. Affirmations
2. Hire a coach/mentor
3. Read for 15min a day
4. Meditation
5. Exercise
6. Gratitude
7. When in doubt, go back to your “why”
8. Take breaks and holidays (or a sea change as I recently have done!)

I am usually a positive and optimistic person which has always been somewhat part of my nature. The other day someone said to me “how do you stay so positive all the time?” I have been working on my development and my mind consistently for the past 10 years or so. Of course I have “off” days, but I have learned to manage negativity and thoughts that will hinder my happiness and progress. And I have learnt to see the best in every situation where possible.

Our state is linked to learning potential. If you walked around everyday unhappy or in fear, your ability to learn will be minimal. Not only that, your physical energy comes from your mindset.  Choose to be positive, and I can almost guarantee your career and quality of life will improve.

We go to the gym and exercise to keep healthy as a priority. Remember, your mind also works like a muscle. It needs nurturing to grow, develop and thrive. Work on your mind everyday to grow and become the best possible version of yourself, in business and life.