Three themes of Women in Leadership

Over the course of my career in working with women I have discovered three themes that I see that are weaved into the career decisions and leadership styles of women leaders.

1) Agency.

Agency is about taking control of your career. It is about being your own north star and feeling as if you are shaping your vision, your leadership style and your life. Agency is intentional, consistent action towards your vision or goal.

How can you realise agency in your career?

* Analyse your next moves
* Set realistic, specific goals that are unique to your values and vision and develop a plan for achieving them.
* Look for and ask for opportunities.
* Ask! Ask for what you want. And deserve.

2) Authenticity.

We all know how important this is, but how can you ensure you are being authentic? Your state of being should feel natural. The way you talk, and your energy should feel natural for you.

The way you lead will be different from everyone, because know one else is you.
Your value are unique.
Your style is unique.
The way you communicate is unique!

When making career decisions, your intuition will always be the radar for what feels good, vs what feels “off”.

A woman intuition is her biggest superpower, in both business and life.

You will be able to tell if you are trying to “fit in” or leading from your natural self expression.

The more you know who you are, the more authentic you will be able to lead and make career decisions that will support you in moving mountains.

3) Clarity.

Clarity is mastery! How can you create clarity? Firstly, taking action as sometimes to know what you want means you need to discover what you don’t want!

Understanding your values, motivations, behaviours and emotions can lead you to find clarity along with the drive of continuous growth and development. The more you grow, the clearer you become on who you are and where you want to go.

Ask for feedback, look at patterns you have and search for opportunities. Clarity can also be found in the chaos!

Book in weekly meetings with yourself for reflection, journalling and reading.
What can you do now to forge forward?

Embrace these 4 mindset Shifts. These 3 shifts will help you propel forward!

1. Shift from waiting and seeing, to showing up, believing in yourself and acting as if.
2. Instead of waiting for external circumstances to show up, commit to growing yourself everyday. Focus on expansion.
3. Be Unstoppable in the face of setbacks

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