The Voice of Female Thought Leadership

As the world of work becomes more versatile and conscious, we can expect to see many more women step up and use their voices and ideas to impact the world for the better.

After years of working with female leaders, I clearly see what propels them forward and what holds them back. For women, more often than not, it’s old stories that we’ve been told about how we need to show up in the world.

I believe that together, we can rewrite those stories, identify who we are at our core and create a new paradigm that recognises that the feminine experience is an essential contribution to organisations and society overall.

There is a need for women to step out into their brilliance.

Women are keeping their magic hidden. Their contribution, ideas and value can go un noticed when the intention is there to serve others with an idea, expertise or innovation with the intention of fostering change.

Organisations are leaving impact, innovation, change and profit on the table by not tapping into the brilliance that their people hold.

Who is the Feminine Thought Leader?

The Feminine Thought Leader is magnetic in her being white creating influence, impact and inspires us to think and behave differently.

I find myself asking, what would the world look like if we had more feminine thought leaders in organisations and creating innovations for the greater good? Throughout history women have played pivotal roles in some of the most transformative moments and movements.

The questions is, how do we as a society prepare more women to develop platforms that enable them to explore new ideas and ways of thinking and approaches to solving our problems?

As a womens leadership and growth catalyst, I am championing the case for more women thought leaders rising up by leading with their authentic self.

I am also in full support of men that seek to bring their magic to life, but I can’t ignore the energy and conversations that I’m having with women and about women. These encounters indicate that there is a need.

And the time for action is now.

In my experience, many existing models for thought leadership development and leadership are outdated and rooted in a very masculine approach that oftentimes does not reflect the feminine experience nor does it attract women being able to lead from a place of full expression.

I know and have worked with many women who have ideas and expertise that could disrupt and potentially change the trajectory of their careers, organization and industry in a positive way.

Unfortunately, many don’t believe they have the support to introduce something new, or worse, many feel alone rattled with a lack of self belief, afraid of what others might think.

As a result, their confidence is eroded and women don’t believe that their ideas are those of a thought leader.

I am passionate about bringing more women into thought leadership, through feminine leadership and understanding of their self.

Kelly Kozaris is the feminine leadership and transformational coach, mentor and strategist for female thought leaders, executive and business women and host of a pretty cool podcast called Purpose Driven Leaders. She supports leading women to create their magnetic leadership proposition through enhancing their confidence, visibility and influence to become well compensated, high impact women.

Her mission is to build conscious feminine leaders in the new paradigm and give women a platform to share their brilliance and their voice by leading and supporting women in being the leader they need to be to fulfill their vision.