The Power of Intuitive Intelligence

A women’s most underestimated superpower, yet the one thing that can lead her to bliss in all areas of her life is her intuition.

95% of the magic I work with women on is unlocking their intuitive intelligence.

The myths with intuition is that you need crystals, card readings and all of the beautiful spiritual tools, when in reality intuition is all about opening up the fears that are within you to create infinite consciousness.

I love my spiritual tools, as they have a definite role in unlocking your feminine essence.

I rarely get mystical in my writing, but my clients know this is a big part of who I am and the work I do so it’s time you discover this also. Expect to hear more of this juiciness as time goes on.

The secret within your intuition lies with not just hearing your intuition, but taking action on what you are here to do.

And this us where women face limitations. On the implementation of the deep knowing that you feel deep within your body.

This is the missing link.

It’s how we elevate our vibration.

Intuition is science.

Your heart contains 4000 neural cells which your cranial brain also has these cells. However, your heart receives information from the universal field 6 seconds before the brain.

The internal nudges you feel are real.

Your heart can access information from the unified field and then your heart brain sends the information to the cranial brain and then sends electromagnetic fields to the rest of the body .

Amazing, right?

Your intuition will require you to change your beliefs on who you are.

It is of course worth it.

If you havn’t yet ordered your blueprint, you can do so here. It is simply a map of your “soul curriculum”, what you came here to experience, do and be on this planet at this vital time.

Your highest self already knows its fully worthy of all the bliss, purpose and prosperity within you which is exactly why you find yourself interacting with the pathways and truths you find yourself exploring.

It leads you to your liberation and this is where you shift your shadows to your greatest understanding, wisdom and light. Your weaknesses only becomes your strengths and you are fully capable to set yourself free.