The Power of Feminine Leadership

The magic of aligning your feminine energy with the right strategy and leadership moves is exponential.

Many leaders are changing the way of leadership where the focus has moved away of pleasing shareholders to making the customer or consumer happy.

And feminine leaders are no different, they show up in the world with creativity, integrity, joy and a willingness to collaborate and communicate.

But even more importantly, feminine leaders have a high level of emotional intelligence. They use their skills in emotional expression, communication and implementation to raise and diffuse any situation. In Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence”, he says that there are four parts to his emotional intelligence model: self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship.

Each area is pivotal to leadership. And in particular, for feminine leadership.

There are seven traits I believe are leading traits of feminine leaders.

  1. Feminine Leaders take responsibility for their feelings and emotions.
  2. They listen to their feelings and intuition for guidance on what is or is not working in any environment.
  3. Feminine leaders practice deep listening, both external and within themselves.
  4. They no longer believe that expressing their feelings at work whether on a conference call or meeting is weak.
  5. Feminine leaders believe that everything is connected and that the choices they make impact everything.
  6. They hold strong empathy that keeps them connected to others.
  7. Men and women who practice feminine leadership are efficient in recognising when choice is harmful to a person, community or company.

Feminine leadership is here to stay, and will expand as it helps us rebalance our companies and our lives.

Organisations are seeing surges in feminine leadership as a way to shift organisations to new heights of success and impact.

When you learn to align your feminine energy with the right strategy and leadership moves, then you can create bold leadership to create change while remaining true to who you are.

If you feel ready to create more in your career and you would like some guidance on your next career moves, or to increase more confidence, visibility and impact as you grow your influence, I invite you to book in for a free feminine leadership call with me here.

About Kelly

Kelly Kozaris is the leadership and transformational coach + mentor for female thought leaders, executive and business women and host of a pretty cool podcast called Purpose Driven Leaders. She supports leading women to create their magnetic leadership proposition through enhancing their confidence, visibility and influence to become well compensated, high impact women.

Her mission is to give women a platform to share their brilliance and their voice by leading and supporting women in being the leader they need to be to fulfill their vision.