Sovereign Feminine Leadership

Female leaders can’t catch a break, right?

Strong or powerful as you voice your truth or opinion because you know who you are?

You are seen as a “too much” and told to “tone it down.”

Softly spoken, yet you have a deep knowing of what you offer and what you bring to the table?

You are seen as “too soft”.

The struggle is ongoing for many conscious and caring leading women.

I speak to you everyday in my work and know exactly what is going on.

Eventually you get to a point where you are exhausted and start to give in.

But then your inner power kicks in and you RECOGNISE how brilliant you are.

You no longer take on what others say.

Because you acknowledge the inherent value of your voice and brilliance, and that’s what matters.

How can you do this?

  • Build a deeper connection to your intuition
  • Learn to listen to your inner authority
  • Tell yourself everyday
  • Create an achievements journal and note down everything you have achieved
  • Create aligned spiritual practices to reconnect to your voice

If you feel the nudge to create something extraordinary from your gifts and know you are not using your magic where you are right now?

It’s probably time to move on..

A client said to me this week “you are like a lighthouse shining truth on who I am.

It’s in these moments when you remember who you really are when the alchemy happens.

When you discover the truth on who you are at your core, your leadership will ascend quickly.

Your unique nature, gifts and strengths are what will lead you to your most sovereign life.

Because when you recognize the inherent value of your voice, brilliance and experience, you answer the call to unlocking your potent potential.

I call it your Sovereign Feminine Leadership.

Kelly Kozaris is the feminine leadership and transformational coach, mentor and strategist for female thought leaders, executive and business women and host of Purpose Driven Leaders podcast. She helps women embody new levels of feminine leadership to transform their brilliance into high purpose thought leadership and become fulfilled, well compensated women.

Her mission is to build conscious feminine leaders in the new paradigm and give women a platform to share their brilliance and their voice by leading and supporting women in being the leader they need to be to fulfill their vision.