The Rise of The Portfolio Career

The world of work continues to keep changing, and you are a part of it.

No longer is it the “norm” to solely work a 9-5. With the attractiveness of variety, flexibility and the ability to design a career to what suits you, it is becoming easier to do so. And challenging for organisations to navigate the complexities around their employees wanting to juggle variety in their day job and their passion projects.

I am working with more and more people wanting this balance. They thrive on variety, flexibility, impact and being able to grow their career and start or build a side project simultaneously. These people range from early career to senior management.

While career development is becoming increasingly important for organisations to focus on in order to attract, grow and retain their people, every week I am speaking to a number of people who are wanting to dip their toes in the entrepreneurial world as they feel it is their only option due to lack of development from their current employer.

Which makes me wonder, how are organisations managing this shift? What are they doing to enhance the employee experience through career development?

Gone are the days where there is only one option for people. The world is shifting dramatically as technology is changing, which also enables the rise of the solopreneur and entrepreneur to become an increasingly attractive proposition.

I am currently working with some incredible leaders in companies around the world who are heavily investing in the growth of their people. However, I am concerned about companies who are not making this a priority, and what it means for their future workforce, the growth of their organisation and their ability to compete in an ever changing and competitive global market.

As the world of work continues to evolve and the talent pool for some industries become smaller, companies will increasingly need to become more innovative in their approach.

I would love to know how companies are navigating these challenges while simultaneously growing the careers of their people?