Illumination Session


During this 90 min intensive, you will discover the deep cause of what is REALLY causing your inner power block, what the root of YOUR particular power block is and we create a significant shift within your core being  around how that particular power block is holding you back from stepping wholly into who you really are in the deeper layers of your being.

You will learn to understand yourself, your leadership and the right path forward in a whole new light. After our session you will:

  • Gain diamond clarity as you discover the right path forward to align your gifts with your values as your true self;
  • Build increased consciousness to activate, receive and hold the results you need to lead with more purpose and presence ;
  • Increase your impact by embracing and sharing your gifts and wisdom to create the impact you desire;
  • Increase your feminine influence as you embody queen consciousness to lead with your brilliance and magnetic presence and essence;


The Illumination Session is a great introduction to working with Kelly as you gain greater clarity on who you are and your right path forward.

To gain clarity on who we are unlocks our deeper radiance which illuminates our essence into the world shining a light on the impact we are here to make.