Think of this as your soul’s curriculum. 

You will receive an audio recording (approx. 45-60min) on what you came here to experience, do and be on this planet combined with questions to contemplate and guide your path and intuition going forward. 

You will also receive a guide on how to contemplate your blueprint further to enhance your development.

The blueprint will help you understand your inner experience and how you can begin to start building a world class inner world to guide you and your mission.



The blueprint uncovers who you are at your core infusing various genetic archetypes and wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

This method has is a central premise that we have a hidden higher purpose and that this purpose is encoded in our DNA. .
Your Blueprint uncovers what is the quality and essence that you bring to your leadership. We each have a secret code and are made up of codes with each code containing a secret message.
This is our essence.
Diving into your genetic archetypes unlocks the code and releases your message, your special essence and your genius into the world.
When you unlock the code, you are never the same again.
This is our consciousness. Once the essence is awoken, the higher purpose of your life begins to shine through.
Purpose will meet performance.
You will relax into being you.
And your voyage of self illumination begins.
It is a perfect start for women ready to claim their brilliance and discover the important role they are here to be.