Moments of Impact

After a call this morning with a client who has shifted tremendously in the last month, she said to me “you have really opened my eyes to what I can achieve.”

As a leader, often your most impactful work is in a simple conversation, and not just the bigger picture.

Think of the flow on effect.

You speak with a peer or colleague, who has a bad moment in their day. You shift their perspective and their mood is lifted, and they go home to their family at the end of the day in a happy state.

They play with their child, who sees their mother/father/carer happy, and the child is even happier and spends the evening laughing and playing.

In the morning that child goes to school still in a state of happiness after an enjoyable evening with their family.

The child’s teacher sees the child in a happy state which lifts their mood which then filters throughout the class, and that filters through to families that evening.

The moral of the story here?

When you open your eyes to the awareness that each moment is an opportunity to make an impact, then the ripple effect reaches far and wide.

As a leader, these moments of impact count.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple, impactful conversation.

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