Meet Kelly


Your inner world is the gateway to your infinite power

There’s a fire that’s being lit in the hearts of women worldwide. We are desiring to live in a greater embodiment of our unique gifts and power. And we are ready for this. This is our moment.


You’re here because you feel this fire, you want to access something far beyond where you’ve been before, ascend into more of who you are, a new way of being and leap into the light of living in service.


My story so far…


I havn't always felt like a sovereign woman.. I lived many years of my life being stuck by programming and ideas that made me feel disempowered and powerless.


A number of years ago, I found myself being in a corporate experience where I was uninspired and not connected to myself or purpose.


Yes, I was making good money, I had influence and I made an impact.  I somewhat felt "powerful" and I felt successful but it didn't FEEL good.


I felt deep within my heart, a feeling I was here for something more unique, I knew there must be something more than this.


Then in early 2016 I discovered spirituality. I came into my awakening, my awakening was not specifically intentional. It was like many cases, it was very surprising and accelerated in my pregnancy with my daughter in early 2017.


I was very unprepared for it, which resulted in me really questioning my whole identity and having a huge negative ego death. Asking myself "who am I really?"


Fast forward to now, I’ve had to access greater parts of myself and my capacity through deep practices and taking inspired action so that I am holding and embodying the energy, frequency and mindset of a woman who desired to live fully, moving towards building a world class inner world and living intentionally.


I took the risk and followed my heart. I placed a bet to create on a higher frequency with my unique divine design.

I believe all women deserve to live in her feminine power, heal her life, rise into greater abundance, enjoy her freedom, and make a difference in the world with her gifts.

My genius is Re- Coding women to their unique wholeness and true self, while unlocking their capacity and reclamation of their brilliance, gifts and leadership to embody the highest version of themselves.
Through my unique methodology, my clients experience more opportunities (being sought out for higher roles, promotions and business growth), increased abundance, deeper levels of fulfillment and legacy creation.

I’m here to help you learn how to reprogram your mind, your energy, your consciousness  so you can live in your world class feminine power and be of service with your gifts as your true self.

So that you can experience deep levels of service, so you can ascend into your unique gifts and harness all of your brilliance.




Kelly is dedicated to helping you:

Featured across the world on various media outlets, Kelly's unique leadership method is helping women (and men) everywhere find their purpose and create high impact leadership.







Happy clients:

Making brave and courageous career and business choices is never easy - let Kelly help you build your confidence and empower your decisions!

"Through one on one coaching, Kelly facilitated, guided and supported my professional growth. Kelly also works with you to map out pathways to actually achieving your goals, she was and continues to be an incredible support."

Evie L, Food Technologist

"Kelly is very personable and has the ability to use her talent to help others get the edge when applying for that next opportunity. I strongly recommend Kelly for anyone looking for that next career move. Thanks again Kelly."

Marielle F, Commercial Business Partner

"Kelly assisted me with a resume and cover letter to help me in my job search. Her work is professional, fast, thorough and she has a vast knowledge and expertise in the industries I work in and is always there to lend a hand."

Alex G, Marine Engineer

My mission is to help you reclaim yourself and your gifts to become the leader of your life, by breaking through the false mental constructs that keep you from knowing, leading and living as a revolutionary woman.

For over 13 years, Kelly has been guiding heart led women who have been called for more purpose, impact and leadership to unlock their gifts and create and cultivate their brilliance for career and life defining impact and fulfilment.