Meet Kelly


Your intuition is the gateway to your infinite power

I’m Kelly Kozaris, women’s leadership expert, intuitive guide and teacher.

I empower women to unlock their intuitive intelligence to design and lead a life filled with presence, passion and purpose.

Having walked a successful corporate path for over a decade, I discovered elements of myself had become lost and I was receiving soul nudges to walk a difference path infusing more creation, impact and fulfilment for others.

I spent years reading, writing and researching what made women feel connected to themselves and create fulfilment and sacred success from the inside out. My path led me to create deep practices to unlock my intuition and activate the deep wisdom within me to actually live my gifts and always lead with the answers my deep inner knowing was providing me.

The answer was within my heart intelligence. It was buried deep within my intuition, but the magic and transformation occurred when I lived from the driving force of my intuitive intelligence and followed the guidance my body was sending me.

We all have intuition. But we must know how to trust those intuitive nudges and have the courage to take the action that we are being guided to take.

I discovered that your hearts intelligence is the path for you to walk to return to your truest and fullest self.

By unlocking your heart intelligence comes with the ability to access your inner feminine brilliance and more purpose, presence and prosperity, and I’ve experienced it firsthand in the women (and men) I’ve worked with since.

My mission is simple. For women (and men) around the world to access their infinite wisdom through unlocking their heart intelligence. For when this occurs, the natural result is an abundant, meaningful, illuminated life.

We need nothing else outside of ourselves.

We are infinite. We are limitless.

And we hold all the power we need within.

Are you ready?

Kelly x

Kelly is dedicated to helping you:

Featured across the world on various media outlets, Kelly's unique leadership blueprint is helping clients everywhere find their purpose and create high impact leadership.







Happy clients:

Making brave and courageous career and business choices is never easy - let Kelly help you build your confidence and empower your decisions!

"Through one on one coaching, Kelly facilitated, guided and supported my professional growth. Kelly also works with you to map out pathways to actually achieving your goals, she was and continues to be an incredible support."

Evie L, Food Technologist

"Kelly is very personable and has the ability to use her talent to help others get the edge when applying for that next opportunity. I strongly recommend Kelly for anyone looking for that next career move. Thanks again Kelly."

Marielle F, Commercial Business Partner

"Kelly assisted me with a resume and cover letter to help me in my job search. Her work is professional, fast, thorough and she has a vast knowledge and expertise in the industries I work in and is always there to lend a hand."

Alex G, Marine Engineer

MY mission is to help you unlock your hearts intelligence to reach your intuitive potential and serve with your innate wisdom

For over a decade, Kelly has been igniting female leaders who have been called for more purpose, impact and leadership to ignite their purpose and create and cultivate their brilliance for career and life defining impact and fulfilment.