Meet Kelly


You know you are born for more

I have felt this too. That feeling of not living completely up to my potential and wondering "is this it?"

There comes a time where we receive a call to step into our full potential.

A nudge.

A sign to ask ourself whether we are truly living a life of power, purpose and fulfillment?

My work revolves around helping women play bigger and harnessing their gifts to create careers and leadership that truly impacts the world.

To enable them to lead themselves, master their inner critic and step into that version of them that is here to play bigger. Much bigger.

My passion for helping women power up grew as my career did over 12 years. I studied leaders across the globe and realised the one thing they had in common.

They all had purpose, completely embodied and shared their power and exercised leadership as their natural self expression.

They thrived as people and created brands and thought leadership while they built their careers to share their wisdom on a wider scale.

Fortune 500 leaders, entrepreneurs and rising stars. They all had the one thing that made them successful.

And unstoppable in their mission.

And I am here to help you do the same.

To help you play bigger in your leadership and life. To unlock that unstoppable part of you that is ready for more.

To thrive in your work and raise the bar on what is possible for you.

For over 12 years having been a transformational Leadership Expert, Coach and Women's Performance Strategist, I have coached and trained thousands of individuals, businesses & audiences to help them unlock their most authentic leadership to achieve their definition of success.

As a trained coach through Though Leaders Global, I am a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating lives and high impact businesses that create lasting global change and legacy.

Delivering powerful coaching, training & mentoring programs to clients and women around the world, I found that I had a natural talent for helping women unlock their leadership and make their mark in their work and personal lives.

I began helping more and more women move from being stuck and stressed to being lit up with purpose, wealthy and free.

To ignite their inner leader to bring their vision to life.


"When a leading woman embraces and expresses her inner wisdom and full self expression in both life and business, it impacts her future, the future of women and the future of our world ."


I have been through multiple successful business and life transformations, and know the challenges and opportunities that female leaders face when creating more personal and financial impact in their careers and lives.

My passion and mission is to move executive and professional women to become global change makers. To fully share their messages with the world to create more financial and personal power while they thrive in their careers.

To lead more powerfully, and create careers and lives of soul aligned impact.

It is ok to play bigger and set the bar higher for yourself. Chase purpose. Disrupt your own version of normal.

Kelly is dedicated to helping you:

Featured across the world on various media outlets, Kelly's unique leadership blueprint is helping clients everywhere find their purpose and create high impact leadership.


Embolden Your Confidence


Unlock Your Legacy


Enhance Your Impact Through Your Leadership


Discover Your Purpose

Happy clients:

Making brave and courageous career and business choices is never easy - let Kelly help you build your confidence and empower your decisions!

"Through one on one coaching, Kelly facilitated, guided and supported my professional growth. Kelly also works with you to map out pathways to actually achieving your goals, she was and continues to be an incredible support."

Evie L, Food Technologist

"Kelly is very personable and has the ability to use her talent to help others get the edge when applying for that next opportunity. I strongly recommend Kelly for anyone looking for that next career move. Thanks again Kelly."

Marielle F, Commercial Business Partner

"Kelly assisted me with a resume and cover letter to help me in my job search. Her work is professional, fast, thorough and she has a vast knowledge and expertise in the industries I work in and is always there to lend a hand."

Alex G, Marine Engineer


For over a decade, Kelly has been igniting female leaders who have been called for more purpose, impact and leadership to ignite their purpose and create and cultivate their gifts for life changing impact and fulfilment.