Leadership That Really Matters

In many cases, I find leaders are in an empowered place and have a great reputation, brand and position where they are making an impact, but there is quite often something holding them back from making a more significant impact.

There is usually a deeper purpose to their leadership. A message or a stance they are wanting to share but hold back from spreading this message for the fear of “shaking up” their peers, the executive team or in general truly creating significant change in their leadership and careers.

There are often various stages that leaders go through.

1) Acceptance. Understanding that your voice has a message and wants to say what it wants to say for a reason. Then making the decision to share your voice from a deeper position of leadership.

2) Upheaval. Working out what needs to be shed from a mindset perspective. Is it a particular belief or fear holding you back from sharing this message?

3) The platform. Who needs to hear your message and how will you share it for increased impact?

4) Commitment. Being committed to share your message with the knowing that once it is shared, your leadership takes on a whole new level of identity, impact and belief.

The most impactful leadership is who you are BEING, not in just what you are doing.

Share your message with purpose, and know that it is needed. It may just turn the needle for your biggest leadership breakthrough.

This article was inspired by a client who has a very strong message that can make a significant impact that can shift the mindsets of others over the gender gap.

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