Having the Courage to Monetise

How do you get the courage to monetise your expertise? And then love what you do with absolute passion? It starts with you of course.

Because monetising your expertise and loving what you do are two completely different things. It’s scary for some, fun for some, and for others, completely overwhelming!

1. Believing
The more you believe in your work and in yourself, the more you can grow to love it. How I have gotten to get to where I am is through learning to not take no for an answer. I’ve learned that until I believed in myself as a leader, others wouldn’t. I’ve learned that the shittiest day building the world that you believe in is better than the best day of living in others’ expectations.

2. Playing
It’s about practice and mastery. The truth is, outsiders won’t care if we fail. So what’s there to lose? Without a playful attitude, it would be ludicrous to think that someone could build a world class brand. With this mindset, tasks like gathering feedback, trying new methods of work, and discovering new problems begin to take on a new meaning: from uncomfortable pieces of our jobs to essential elements of doing our best work.

The difference between good and great has a significant impact on people around us, and is actually a minimum bar if you want a real shot at achieving your mission.

3. Obsessing
Though this word has strong negative connotations, obsessing about the right things in the right way (call it a pragmatic obsession) is a natural outcome of work that we care about. If you could wake up and cure cancer with a magic wand, would you talk about it at the dinner table? I would hope so. When you’re winding down to sleep, would you ruminate on the feeling of accomplishment? Probably.

It’s absolutely okay to be obsessed with your work. Each of us has something in our own personal resources, experiences, and relationships that when brought into our work, will enable us to do more than we ever thought we could. It may be an insight from a friend who you chat with on the weekend, or something you read at night that shapes a new direction or idea for you. We each contribute beyond our job-specific skills with our whole selves. 

This is only part of the courage to monetise.

I’m so excited when people monetise their expertise and go all in with their belief that they can do it, and do it well. That is true leadership and taking a stand and owning what you have!

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