Follow Your Inner Compass – Follow Your Heart

Like your mind, your inner compass is so powerful, and you can really learn alot about yourself by tuning into it and the little signs it may be giving you along your journey.

But are you listening to the signs?

It might be as small as a feeling of uncertainty when you are walking into work or a meeting. It might be procrastination rearing it’s head as you begin a task. It might be simply a feeling of unease, stress or feeling like something is missing.

It is the little signs that may mean that something big may be wrong and you might not be in alignment.

In a hectic business environment, it is easy to push these signs aside.

I spoke to one of my clients today who came to me for coaching around her career and we touched base to see how she was going as I do with all of my clients.

There was a feeling of uncertainty within her and we identified what she needed to do to move forward. Sometimes all it takes is to look at your why, your vision and remember why you started in the first place.

Which led me to write this article because when we become so focussed on one thing, we can go through life as normal but over time we can get off track.

We have the BEST intentions of making our vision become reality, but with the distractions life throws at you, it’s easy to lose focus.

Our limits are self inflicted and by getting distracted with specific goals and life in general it can push you off track and occasionally you forget why you started in the first place.

The only thing stopping you is your mind. The only thing that can free you is the mind. You are the mind. You are the one restricting or liberating yourself. All obstacles are mental blocks.

Ordinary measures get you ordinary results at best. For extraordinary results, you need to take extraordinary measures. To be exceptional, you need to be the exception.

Remember there are no rules, there are no limits. When you can remove the limits of something in your mind that is stopping you from taking action, anything is possible for you and you can do it more powerfully than anyone else.

When you learn to identify the triggers that push you out of alignment or off path it can help you make a huge shift, bring you back on track and enable you to increase your performance, and your results.

Our internal compass, not to mention our mind can play tricks on us!

But they are so powerful when it comes to transformation and wanting to transform in all areas of business (and life).

My internal compass led me to where I am now.

Continue to listen to your internal compass ok? It could be telling you something you need to hear.