Feeling Into Resistance

When we feel resistance, we are often on the verge of a big breakthrough.

We’re often right on the edge of something special when resistance pulls you back from stepping into what you desire.

You see, our ego tends to hold us back in these moments. It knows when we are at a point of making a big change.

Negative ego creates fear based decisions. It enables ignorance, fear, confusion and power conflict.

And it will try to pull us back into feeling safe.

This is where resistance comes in.

Resistance is a great thing. It’s brilliant.

It means you’re getting closer. It means you’re closer to what you’re here to do in service.

The magic you are here to bring.

And it’s a signal that you are almost there.

Moving through that resistance may feel like a big push.

But it is at that point when you’re feeling resistance and knowing that if you just stepped forward, that if you only trusted your inner guidance, that it is going to lead you into a place that is going to bring you the outcome and feeling that you desire.

The way you can move through resistance is to recognise, reframe and respond.

Recognise the feeling and understanding of why you feel resistance.

Reframe the resistance into how you will feel once you move through the resistance.

Respond by taking aligned steps forward.

So when you are feeling resistance, know within your heart that you’re getting closer.

You are on the verge of making a big breakthrough.

So, feel into it and honour your soul nudges and make the changes you need to break through the resistance.