Exercising Inner Leadership

The expansion of your impact is aligned with the expansion of your leadership.

If you feel there is something missing, maybe a sense for “more” there is a chance you are suppressing your #potentpotential.

It is a key reason why men and women leave their careers to pursue another path.

They may feel they have the limited ability to be creative and actualise their gifts within their organisation.

It is because restraint kills creativity, and when you are a feminine leader who has the ability to make an impact, but the opportunity to make an impact isn’t available, then it may be time to look for alternatives.

What would it mean to you right now to have all of your brilliance seen by others?


In the past 12 months I realised I was suppressing a large part of my work.

A much needed part of my work!

I would have conversations with my clients behind closed doors where they would get transformational results only to discover this magic I was sharing with them, wasn’t being seen and heard by others.

Currently with what is occurring in the world, there is a need to exercise the inner muscles of your leadership to create the results and impact you desire.

It may feel more difficult now than ever to focus on what you want in this time, rather than what you need, however you can also use this time in isolation to be creative and to go within.

Review your current path and ask yourself the following questions-

  1. Does my work still feel good?
  2. Is it time for a change?
  3. Could I use this time to pivot into a more fulfilling area?

Review your leadership and ask yourself the following questions-

  1. Am I who I want to be?
  2. Am I tuning in to myself daily to BE the leader?
  3. What is holding me back right now?
  4. Is there a part of me that people need to see that I am not opening up?

Grab a journal and dive in!

Finding Calm in the Chaos

In times of chaos, we can also utilise the time to create calm.

It is when we are calm and we learn to remove the noise and focus on what is important is when the answers we look for suddenly arise.

Exercise your inner leadership and watch your impact expand.

Kelly Kozaris is the feminine leadership and transformational coach, mentor and strategist for female thought leaders, executive and business women and host of a pretty cool podcast called Purpose Driven Leaders. She supports leading women to create their magnetic leadership proposition through enhancing their confidence, visibility and influence to become well compensated, high impact women.

Her mission is to build conscious feminine leaders in the new paradigm and give women a platform to share their brilliance and their voice by leading and supporting women in being the leader they need to be to fulfill their vision.