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Private Coaching and Mentoring for Purpose Driven Female Leaders

I advise female leaders on power, presence and strategic growth. My work is designed to help you elevate your position, amplify your message and profile and maximize your income.


“When you advance, reach behind you and take another woman’s hand. Bring her with you.”

-Sandy Carter, Amazon


I love teaming up with women who are smart, passionate and successful in their careers (you’re the genius, here!), but are ready for increased impact—those who are looking to rise into more confidence to create their magnetic leadership proposition and enhance their visibility, purpose and influence to become well compensated, high impact women.


When I’ve hit my own plateaus, it has been my coaches and mentors that have given me the perspective and courage to take the risks that make sense, when they make sense.
I am here to help you do the same. I am part coach, part mentor, part cheerleader, part observer, part strategist, and part accountability partner.
I am here to help you see an even bigger, bolder reality than you could imagine for yourself.

Together we work closely across 3 or 6 months where we become inseparable. My private clients become family to me, and you have unlimited access to all my resources, trainings (and brain) during our time together.

In my private coaching and mentoring program, each program is tailored uniquely for each client. I work with you to focus on what you need, and create a plan on how to get there.

Coaching is not about analyzing your past, or telling you what to do, coaching is about looking forward and finding the answers from within. You are the expert on your life and career. I will be the champion who will help you become more conscious about what you need to actualise your vision with the right path and strategy to take things to a new level.


It is time to claim the future that is waiting for you.


I love working with high impact female thought leaders, executive and business women to create leadership and careers that generate unstoppable momentum, fulfilment, income and impact.

We will work together on building you profile for increased impact, opportunity and confidence working across the following 8 Pillars of Feminine Leadership:


  1. Personal Mastery
  2. Purpose /Vision
  3. Profile
  4. Presence
  5. Positioning
  6. Promotion
  7. Platform
  8. Powerful Communication


If you are ready to:

  • Awaken your impact
  • Unapologetically seek success, influence, and impact as a leader
  • Get your magic in the hands of more people
  • Achieve unprecedented results and growth
  • Lead yourself, your company and leave a legacy while still being purpose driven and fulfilled
  • Amplify your inner wisdom to create unstoppable leadership


Then, this program is for you.


Guaranteed Benefits


If you are looking for the following, then you are in the right place!


  • Increased confidence to get yourself out there!
  • Increase in income (let's be honest, we all want more money!)
  • Increased impact- embrace your expertise (and wisdom) to create the impact you are looking for
  • Increased influence as you create the profile and visibility you need to grow
  • Re connect with yourself, and  remain fulfilled while being true to yourself



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It is time to build unstoppable confidence in yourself, and create magnetic leadership to help you rise up, stand out and build a platform to share your brilliance.

Why Me?

For over a decade ⁣I’ve supported hundreds of women leaders (and men!) with their magnetic leadership and inner-work to help them uncover their full brilliance, and build a solid foundation for their leadership and life legacies in their businesses and some of the worlds most prominent brands.
Having been featured in the global media, I have also been a guest lecturer at one of Australia's leading universities and consult to global organisations on leadership and people and performance.
Following a successful career, my desire to support women to play bigger and create game changing leadership took over.
I have managed to play much bigger than what I ever thought was possible. I have reinvented myself, represented my country on a global stage and dove into the world of business and built a meaningful, exciting, and lucrative career and brand.
By partnering with me, I help you dig deep and transform yourself into your true leadership capacity through unlocking your brilliance. I will walk you through my life changing leadership framework to build your unique vision or movement and unlock your potential to lead as the leader you were meant to be.

"Leaders never stop learning"

The Inner Game of Leading

Even high impact, leading women have problems staying on track. A successful mindset and vision go hand in hand, and many women feel that they should be doing this and that, but in fact without a coach or mentor, they wind up doing the wrong things, or the wrong amount of things, or they become overwhelmed going around in circles and wind up doing nothing at all!

I help you get crystal clear on your next moves with inner transformational work, a clear plan and my unique leadership framework.

I would love to share all I  have taught to leaders across the globe and some of the fastest rising new thought leaders in the business world.


For over a decade, Kelly has been igniting female leaders who have been called for more purpose, impact and leadership to ignite their purpose and create and cultivate their brilliance for career and life defining impact and fulfilment.