Are you a Woman in Business or a Woman in “Busyness?”

If you’re a high achieving woman, you’ve likely swung the pendulum too far in the reverse direction.

Your relationship with purpose and passion may drive you to a lack of understanding or implementation of self-care and self reflection.

The belief that self-care is just continuing to give up something to the world likely costs us the more fulfilling life we seek.

Often other priorities take over.




Getting “stuff” done.

When really self care is really making the time for expansion. It is making the time to do the things that matter.

For you, and if you choose- with the people that matter.

There is no correct answer for what self care really is.

It is only something you can answer yourself.

It then fuels your purpose, your energy and your burning desire to then make an even bigger impact.

That is true self care.

Self care = expansion.

As we head into the Christmas break, ask yourself if what you are doing will propel you forward or pull you back.

And if you get a moment to yourself over the break, reflect on what has worked this year and what you would like to achieve going forward.

Create a self care routine and make weekly meetings with yourself to grow, reflect and create.

Take the time tor reconnect with who you are, your mission and your values.

It is then when you can lead in your true capacity!

My gift to you this Christmas is my free training, Ignite Your Gifts and Master Your Inner Critic.

Here is your training!

Merry Christmas!

About Kelly

Kelly Kozaris is a women’s leadership coach, mentor and founder of Iconic Women, where she supports ambitious women and business leaders to develop the confidence, influence and visibility they need to smash their inner glass ceiling and take their seats at tables where big impact and decisions are made.


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