Redefining the High Achieving Woman

I used to think being a “high achieving woman” meant having it all at the expense of something else in my life until I discovered the one thing that shifted this radically.

An interesting study by Harvard University suggests that the conventional wisdom about women and leadership needs to be rethought.

Here are some of the findings of the study-

  • Men and women start out with similar goals, which are adjusted over time—but men are likelier to achieve them.
  • Few women are “opting out,” but men and women alike believe that women advance more slowly because they prioritize family over career.
  • Most men expect that their careers will take precedence over their partners’—which they usually do.
  • Most women expect their careers to be as important as their partners’—and they are often disappointed.
    Women are consistently less satisfied than men with their careers and with the compatibility of work and family

Why is this so? Why do women put their careers and fulfilment aside?

As a mother, I understand somewhat.

But what I also know to be true is that children want happy, fulfilled parents who are also doing what they love, without sacrificing everything to raise their children.

Now, the ability to have it all is available!

I, myself am completely fulfilled being a mother and a business women and integrating the juggle somewhat miraculously.

Whether you are a parent or not, the definition of a high achieving woman is shifting rapidly.

Women are waking up and realising that they no longer need to dim their power, or purpose to create a career and life that lights up their life while sacrificing their soul.

The ability to actualise your desires to step into fulfilment has never been more accessible or important.

It may or may not be all about climbing the corporate ladder anymore.

As the world of work shifts, so do the priorities of people.

The traditional career is no longer the only option.

High achieving women are shifting rapidly and creating more and more impact aligned to who they are and what the world needs.

How are you actualizing your desires to create leadership and a career that lights you up?


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