Guidance for revolutionary women who desire to be more of themselves in the world

Have You Hit a Plateau?

Do you desire to work from your heart and your values to be intimately connected to what you are creating?

Are you looking to elevate your results, have more clarity and boost your confidence in yourself and your purpose?

The Vision Call will hold a mirror up and help you gain more transparency on who you are, what your burning desires are and leading from a place of personal mastery, purpose and true transformation.
When a woman freely expresses herself as the leader she is and who she really is, that's when the alchemy happens.
I will take you through a process that will enable you to not only reconnect with who you really are, but to lead from this place in the most powerful way to create true transformation for yourself and where you want to go.
We will dive deep into who you are, your desires and will put the light inside of you to work in the world.

Its time to revolutionise your life and leadership

Over 30 days together, you will have Kelly's guidance to replace the internal negative talk and programming with a strong foundation, while you get clear on the gifts you have to offer and how to build a path around it.

The Process

1. Vision: On our call we will dive into where are you headed and what do you desire to do/build.

2. Transform from the Inside Out: During the 30 days, you will have access to me via Voxer where we will look at what is holding you back and how you can transmute this energy to put your attention back on key focus areas and your values. During this time you are also able to follow up on actions from the call and ask any questions.

3. Action Plan and Implementation: Towards the end of the month we will build an action plan for you to lead yourself on your journey.


My mission is to help you reclaim yourself and your gifts to become the leader of your life, by breaking through the false mental constructs that keep you from knowing, leading and living as a revolutionary woman.

For over 13 years, Kelly has been guiding heart led women who have been called for more purpose, impact and leadership to unlock their gifts and create and cultivate their brilliance for career and life defining impact and fulfilment.