A question I often get asked is how to often create more impact on LinkedIn and how to share your leadership more widely.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Own Your Brand:

Here are two areas to look at:

A) How you see yourself:

Who are you?
This is your one perception of yourself. Your purpose, qualities, traits, gifts, strengths, weaknesses and how you think you are portrayed (the good and the bad!)

B ) How Others See You:

How much of your story have you or haven’t you told? People actually want to know the real you. The person behind the title!

2. Your Personal Values: Get clarity here.

What are they? How do you live your values day to day? What do you stand for? You need to understand this so you can lead from your most natural self.

3. Bring your most authentic self:

LinkedIn is seen as a “professional” platform, but don’t be afraid to bring all of you to the table. Make people laugh. Share your story, what lights you up. What do you want to change in you industry? Remember, people want raw, real, authentic human connection.

You are a human first and foremost. Leadership is your essence, and people want to see you. And they want to get to know you!

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