28 May

When I speak to leaders who are on a transformational adventure asking themselves “what’s next” in their career, often the first thing people want to know is how to get there. Some absolute truth in this is that, this is only part of the puzzle in trying to work out where to go.

Clarity on direction is only one consideration.

When you decide to pivot towards a new direction, one of the most important factors are often forgotten..

This is the question of “who do I need to BECOME in order to go in this direction?”

And this is the most important part! It’s critical. A non negotiable.

Change cannot happen without this element.

And often it’s forgotten because it is the most difficult. The most transformational.

Let me explain further using myself as an example.

Having spread my wings in the corporate space for over 11 years, shifting from an employee, manager and then leader to now entrepreneur and influencer, every move I made was also aligned with an identity shift. And this was the biggest change rather than the “path” I was heading on.

People get so caught up in the “how” that they lose focus on that fact we need to shift as humans when making a serious career change.

I changed alot as a person.

I needed to ask myself-

What behaviours do I need to shift in order in who I need to become?
What environment do I need to surround myself in?
Who do I need in my inner circle?
What mindset do I need to create for myself in order to take the big leap?

These are only some of the considerations. However, it is the most important part of this transformation and any transformation that you will undertake in your life.

It is not easy to do.

When I moved from employee to entrepreneur people only saw the “surface” stuff of what i achieved. They saw the success but not all the hard work that is put behind the scenes to make it happen.

And then I see people trying to do the same thing. And it doesn’t work. Why? Because they are not working on their identity. They think it’s all about the how. The strategy.

The strategy is certainly part of it, but only part of it!

This goes for any career change, business shift or choice you make in your life.

Forget about the how. It’s about who you need to become in order to get to where you are going.

Want to be a leader? You need to become one first. Want to be en entrepreneur? Get used to taking risks and stepping way out of your comfort zone.

Of course anything is possible, but what you see on the surface for people who are succeeding, is only the top of the iceberg. Underneath the water, there is a complete transformation going on that only the individual and those close to them can see.

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