22 Sep

What do you value to your deepest core? What drives you to do what you do on a daily basis?

Your values can impact your business choices so much, but sometimes we get so busy that we forget everything that we stand for and get shiny object syndrome.

When I made the shift to get myself into alignment with my work, it was like something shifted deep inside of me.

I felt free.

I felt limitless.

I felt, just RIGHT. It just fit. It was like the piece of the missing puzzle for me.

I worked so hard for over 11 years climbing the corporate ladder to realise I was climbing a ladder that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on. Yes, I love working with organisations and people, helping them to create better success. I still do this now and am so passionate about helping others. It’s core to my work. However at the time when I made the decision, I was at the top to where I set myself to be, and I should have felt amazing, excited and simply awesome!

But I didn’t. I felt a tad empty. I felt like something was missing.

What I felt was that I wanted to impact more people. I wanted to use my talent to change the lives of many people, and working for one organisation just wasn’t a right fit for me.

The good thing is, I soon coached myself and with help from my mentor and my coach, I got to my authentic, true path of alignment. I did the work, I dug deep within my values, and what was important to me. And here I am!

The thing is, your career-life values can be understood as your beliefs in which you have an emotional investment in.

This means, when your core values are being met- you feel great! You are happy, fulfilled and you succeed because you love what you do.

When your values aren’t being met, it can really impact how you feel about what you do. You may not realise, but your career/life/business values play a crucial role in every decision you make. Yet, for most people, their values remain largely unconscious, or at best, vague and undefined.

For instance, have you ever asked yourself?
• What steps do I need to take in my career or business to achieve more success?
• How can I increase my pay?… get more time off?… enjoy my work more?
• What do I like most/least about my current career-life situation?

If your answer to such questions are unclear- chances are the extent to which you understand what is really important to you is also unclear.

Your values are the foundation upon which the answers to these career-life questions stand.

Therefore, when you truly define what you really value and what is important to you, the answer to these questions and many other career, life and business questions start to become clearer.

Being clearer on what we value often leads to feelings of increased confidence and sense of control over your professional and personal goals.

What are you waiting for?!! Create your vision and get into alignment! And take the time to look into yourself and what you really want, it will be worth it.

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