26 Jun

“Stop comparing your back end story with someones highlight reel.”

Comparing yourself to others is a trap that can hold you back soo much! I see it everyday and have been guilty of it myself until I realised how much it was impacting my progress.

Embrace your uniqueness.
Everything is within you.

The only thing you need to do is walk your own path with determination, passion and influence and let the rest pave the way for you.

Comparing yourself to others is a business and career trap that can hold you back from reaching your potential.

And with social media, it is super easy to get caught in this trap.

Comparing yourself can impact your confidence.
It can continue to take you off path and halter your progress.
It can prevent you from doing your best work.

So, what can you do to make sure you focus on you?

1. Always remember why you are here and what you want to achieve.
2. Celebrate every achievement.
3. Focus on your strengths, and
4. At the end of each day remember to be reflect on what went well.

Remember there is only one of YOU, and comparing yourself to others will do a disservice to your peers, colleagues and potential clients.

When you truly embrace yourself and what you are here to do, the opportunities are endless.

So before you look outside of you, look within and you will find the answer.

Everyone has the ability to thrive within their life, be able to create opportunities and get that clarity on “what now” and “what’s next”.

Stay tuned because I am creating something truly amazing. It is for people who are not satisfied with the status quo; for people who want more- to feel alive, empowered and engaged in their work and life.

To your success always!

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