15 Oct

When is it time to get a coach or mentor? Is a question I get asked ALOT!

Having had a full week of working with incredible individuals and organisations I had many questions from people about what a coach exactly does and how they can help them.

The thing is, the more successful you get, the more challenges you face and support is required. Goal setting and motivation alone is not enough for I find that even very ambitious people have problems staying on track.

A successful mindset and strategy go hand in hand, and many people feel that they should be doing this and that, but in fact without a coach, they wind up doing the wrong things, or the wrong amount of things, or they get overwhelmed going around in circles and wind up doing nothing at all!

This is exactly what I see happen with some of my clients as well!

So, a great coach is there to hold you accountable, keep you motivated, keep you on track and make sure that you set AND reach all of your goals and that your vision is kept in mind in all that you do.

In relation to your career, coaching is ideal if you are stuck and at crossroads in what direction to take and you may be looking for guidance and support to help you discover your ultimate path. You may have a firm idea where you are going in your career, however you may also be looking for assistance in developing a strategic action plan in accelerating your success.

You may be looking to increase your confidence to be able to progress in the work that you love, increase your pay and impact (because you know you are worth it) or be looking at making the leap into entrepreneurship. You may know that you can be doing more, but just don’t know what is next.

The list is endless, but these are just some of the areas I work on, as well as leadership coaching including emerging leaders.

The three pillars of my work is revolved around the following- Develop, Enhance, Accelerate.

Every coach is different, so it’s important to work with someone who can support you on your journey.

When choosing a coach, it is important that you find someone you can relate to. Someone that you can look up to, who is walking in the shoes of where you want to be, and who has achieved success in where you would like to go, or are wanting to accelerate in.

Someone who you love to be around, someone who get’s you, who supports you, who keeps you accountable but also challenges you to do better and step up. If your coach is someone you would like to hang out with in your spare time, that is a huge bonus!

What type of coach am I?

Aside from harnessing your existing talent, I can help bring out qualities in you that you may never have even known you had. I will help you develop your vision, keep you on track and help you unlock your greatness. By working hand in hand with me, I will allow you to dig deep and reach your maximum potential. It’s kind of like being able to take a piece of raw carbon and allowing it to reach its full capacity and transform itself into a brilliant and flawless diamond.

If you are looking for a coach or mentor that is going to be firm, yet fun, hold you accountable, embolden your confidence, unlock your greatness, enhance your talent, disrupt your level of comfort and empower you to become successful now, then I just might be the right coach for you.

To book in your complimentary clarity session please contact Kelly below.



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