16 May


It’s a new week, which means a chance to really get started on what we want, right?

Or how about just continuing to gain momentum and just keep going?

I think the second option is more attractive.

I want to kick off the week with a bit of a reality check. Now, for some, this may seem harsh, and feel free to unsubscribe if it is too much for you to hear, but it has to be said and because I am a no BS business women, and I want to set the record straight for you.

As one of my clients says, “Kelly you are sweet but you really know how to crack the whip when you have to!”


Cut the excuses.

I know when I look back over my life there were certainly times that I relied HEAVILY on excuses as a way to help justify my circumstances, my reality, and even my attitude.

The truth is, almost everybody does this.

…and how could you not, its SO easy!

I remember learning at uni in economics class many moons ago (it was NOT my favourite subject) that where there is an over abundance there is no value. Certainly seems like there are is an abundance of excuses rolling around… which means they have NO VALUE!

Remember that post I wrote not along ago about understanding and promoting your value? When you acknowledge this and can market your value, then excuses become almost void.

How would it make you feel to eliminate those excuses in your life, career or business?

Here are my top 3 ways to do this-

1. Be aware to the fact that excuses never improve your situation.
2. Make a list of the excuses that you utilise on a regular basis. if you can’t think of any, these are the top ones I hear frequently-

a) I don’t have the time.
b) I have kids.. or i don’t have kids.
c) I don’t have the money.
d) I need to find balance in my life.
e) I am tired/sick.

3. Sit down and find ways to take responsibility

For example:


“I don’t have any time” vs. “I am not being productive enough with the time that I have”
“I don’t have time to learn” vs. “Education is not important to me”
“I don’t have any money” vs “Am I using my money in a smart way

As one of my mentors says-

Excuses are really about YOU accepting responsibility!

…actually its your inability to.

Learn to accept responsibility.


As soon as I stopped with the excuses for everything it literally changed my life.

I became more successful.
I became healthier.
I actually found balance.


Want more control in your life? Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

As we head into a new week, be aware today of any excuse you make, then try to find a way to accept responsibility for it.

No excuse is too big to overcome. We just need to get clear and reframe the excuse and how it can be holding us back.

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