Everyone has aspirations - are you ready to reach yours?

Personalised Coaching and Mentoring

Think of me as your personal mentor, coach and advisor!
Together we work closely across 3 or 6 months where we become inseparable! My private clients become family to me, and you have unlimited access to all my resources, trainings (and brain) during our time together.

 In my private coaching and mentoring program, each program is tailored uniquely for each client. I work with you to focus on where you’d like to grow and transform.

Areas where clients have had the biggest transformations include:

  • Inspiring a career pivot into a new aligned area;
  • Wanting to enhance your leadership and grow your sphere of influence;
  • Stepping into industry and career defining leadership;
  • Creating and launching your personal brand;
  • Finding and sharing your voice to be noticed in a bigger way;
  • Unlocking your wisdom and getting this out to the world;
  • You may be getting an internal nudge saying it's time to play bigger and you need help with what this looks like;
  • Managing your inner critic to propel you to power up;
  • Discovering how to do the work you really want to do, and become the leader you were born to be.

Limited to a certain amount of people per year, this program is by application only.


It is time to build unstoppable confidence in yourself and your expertise, and move beyond feeling stuck to bringing your vision to life.

Why Me?

I have coached leaders across Australia, Asia and the United States with some of the world's prominent brands including Facebook, LinkedIn, Logitech, and Toyota.

Having been featured in the global media, I have also been a guest lecturer at one of Australia's leading universities and consult to global organisations on leadership and people and performance.

Following a successful professional career, my desire to impact individuals and organisations on a greater scale took over.

In over a decade I have managed to play much bigger than what I ever thought was possible. I have reinvented myself, dove into entrepreneurship and built a meaningful, exciting, and lucrative career and brand.

By partnering with me, I help you dig deep and transform yourself into your true capacity. I will walk you through my game changing leadership framework to build your unique plan and advance your opportunities and income potential in the process.

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"Leaders never stop learning"

Change Your Inner Game For External Results

Even very ambitious people have problems staying on track. A successful mindset and strategy go hand in hand, and many leaders feel that they should be doing this and that, but in fact without a coach or mentor, they wind up doing the wrong things, or the wrong amount of things, or they become overwhelmed going around in circles and wind up doing nothing at all!

I help you get crystal clear on your next moves with inner transformational work, a clear strategic plan and my unique inner leadership framework. In my years of advancing at rapid speeds in business there was a clear plan that I followed. It allowed me to ascend quickly and efficiently both in person and online. Creating opportunities that astounded all, leveraging her resources, expanding her impact, transitioning from a solopreneur to a leader with a team.

I would love to share all I  have taught to leaders across the globe and some of the fastest rising new stars in the business world, and the results they are having, no matter what level you are at.


With over a decade of experience in Leadership, coaching and People Development, Kelly Kozaris has the magic touch for being a catalyst for her clients to unlock their wisdom, harness their gifts and pave their path to brave leadership.